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What's the difference between 过多 and 太?

Could you please use one on each sentence?

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    过多- too much;这盆花浇水过多了。
    太- very; 今天太热了。

    比如: 1我中饭吃 太多了/过多了,现在肚子好撑啊。
    2我中饭吃 太过多了,现在肚子要撑死了。
    太多 过多 都有超出 超过 超量 这样一层意思。
    太过多 比上面的两个 更加重了语气。


    “过多”means excessive,redundancy,redundant in english. /significa excessivo em português
    for example,
    This software occupies excessive storage usage./Este software uso excessivo de memória
    (zhe ge ruan jian zhan yong le guo duo de cun chu kong jian)

    "太"means too, overly,very, extremely in english. /Significa muito em português
    for example por examplo
    This mountain is too high. /Este montanho é muito alto
    这座山太高了(zhe zuo shan tai gao le)

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