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What is "508 girls" in Arabic ?

خمس مئة و ثمانية فتيات أو خمس مئة وثمانية فتاة أو خمس مئة و ثماني فتيات أو خمس مئة وثماني فتاة

Bcs some friends say differently. If I'm not mistaken, the numbers from 3-10 are followed by a plural noun. And if the numbers from 3-10 are masculine the noun should be feminine and vice versa. Isn't that so?

By that, I think it should be خمس مئة و ثماني فتيات ...
Can someone give me an explanation?

.. شكراا جزيلا و جزاك الله خير

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    It is just as you said, خمسمائة وثماني فتيات
    Or : خمسمائة وثمانية رجال
    ثماني is treated like "اسم منقوص", which is a noun that ends in a long i: (ي) with a kasra on the letter before last, e.g. قاضي "judge"
    When Almanqoos is indefinite, the final (ي) is deleted, it only appears when the noun is
    definite القاضي , or when it is indefinite in an Accusative / Genetive case:
    رأيت قاضياً
    هذا قاضي المحكمة العليا
    Exeamples for Nominative / Prepositional case:
    هذا قاضٍ
    تكلمت مع قاضٍ
    And 500 written like that : خمسمائة

    خمسمائة و ثمانية فتيات

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