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what is a good way to learn or practice Chinese Pin Yin chart.


I just started learning Chinese Mandarin. I had 1 class with a teacher that was really helpful, but when it seems like people put a lot of emphasis on learning the Pin Yin chart and tones. I do have a Pin Yin chart that I found on-line, but what is a good way to practice. Should I start with the vowels 1st or consonants? any help would be greatly appreciated thank.

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    Tones are of the utmost importance in Chinese. They determine whether you pronounce a word one way, or another. Whether you start with vowels or consonants is up to you. A good resource for learning the Pinyin is this website:

    Good luck!

    As a Chinese,I think I can give you some advices.Modern Chinese Teaching all are alike.When I was young,I had to study it as well.We have spent about 3 years on learning it.Including read and writing.We are trained writing what we see and feel by Pinyin.LOL,expected for Pinyin,we had no method to record what we wanna express,although we can say some simple sentence that we cant write at that time.We wrote some simple compositions which is just like Vitnam language.Ex:Jīntiān tiānqì hěn hǎo.(今天天气很好。 Today is a good weather).At the same time,we learnt some simple Chinese Characters.When we accumulated enough vocabulary,then mixed the Pinyin and Chinese Characters which we had known well.We use it write many compositions ditto and at that time,it may like Japanese language also.Ex:Jīn天 天qì hěn 好。(今天天气很好。 Today is a good weather),With we had known well more Chinese Characters,more Chinese Characters would replace the Pinyin,and one day you find you have not been customed to write Pinyin.Reading is also increase.Neither Chinese vowel and consonant are stable,I think you can grasp them easily.Remember thus tips:1.The pronouncation of Eastern Asian language rely on infront of the mouth so that you can get clear voice.2.Compare with English,you can see the pronuncation in Chinese is longer than English.3.Buy a Chinese-English dictionary,when you see some Chinese Characters,you'd better search their prouncation from dictionary and write them above that Chinese Characters.Ex:
    Wǒ xǐhuān xīusīdūn huǒjiàn duì.
    我 喜欢 休斯顿 火箭 队.
    I like Houston Rocket Team
    Wish you sucess earlier.Comon!

    Maybe you can Download a map of PINYIN chart with pictures show the meaning of each letter.for example,“e” is just pronounced as “鹅”,which is a swan!

    I recommend you to read some children's books. They ofen have some Pinyin attached. The stories in the book are interesting so they may stimulate you learn Pinyin. :)

    memorize all 410 syllables of pinyin and that will be enough

    as for tones -- there are only 5 of them, can learn in 5 minutes

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