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"Feel like". What else could it mean?

I'm trying my best to learn some French and I'm learning it with an English textbook (not to forget my English along the way). However, sometimes I get confused not only with the French, but with the English as well. This time (to my surprise) I'm confused with a simple expression "feel like". I will refer directly to my textbook just to show you the case:

"In the verbal expression "avoir envie de", "de" remains invariable if it refers to a general notion
J'ai envie de fraises (I feel like strawberries).
J'ai envie de salade (I feel like salad).
J'ai envie d'eau (I feel like drinking water)".

What does "Feel like" mean in the given examples? I translated the French examples via Google and it said it meant "I want". I'm totally confused. My Russian brain exploded. Any help of an English speaking person who possibly knows some French is highly appreciated. Thanks.

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    First off it is always better to use a book written in your mother tongue when learning another language, unless you are absolutely fluent in the other language as to not have any difficulties.

    "feel like" means you are in the mood to do something

    I feel like watching TV
    I feel like eating ice cream
    I feel like reading a book
    I feel like traveling to Rome

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