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what is the most important think to learn English speaking?

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    The most important thing is learning how to hold a conversation. Get pimsleur or a language buddy and just keep talking. It does not matter if all you can say is, "my name is pushpendra." This is a little controversial, but don't worry so much about grammar in the beginning. As long as you focus on speaking, you will pickup English.


    The most important thing is to simply speak, and to do this as soon as possible. You need a native to talk to; that is important. Many people are scared to talk, and the worst thing to do is to chicken out or to postpone your conversation until you feel up to it, because you never will!


    I would tend to agree with the above. Don't worry about making mistakes when you are speaking, so long as you learn from them. Having said that though, knowing grammar is the building block to learning any language, so sooner or later you will have to learn "why" you need to say this or that.

    Another thing that students often neglect or forget is that speaking AND listening both go hand in hand. Therefore you should practice your listening skills as much as your speaking, in my opinion.

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