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Please, someone know how or when to use "will you, could you and would you" in polite form or polite sentences?

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    Would you like breakfast now?
    Would you like to go for a walk?
    Would you mind opening the window?
    Could you do me a favor?
    Could you give me 5 more minutes?
    Would/Could you take my baggage?
    Would/Could you tell me ...
    Would/Will you excuse me, pls?
    Would/Will you speak up, pls?
    Would/Will you come with me?
    Would/Will you have a drink?
    Will you be there?
    Will you marry me?

    "Will you please ..." suggests that you are very annoyed with the person whom you're speaking to. It doesn't really qualify as being polite. "Could you please ..." and "would you please ..." sound about the same to me, although I would say that "could you please" sounds less direct and more polite. There is also "can you please ...", which I hear the most often.

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