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hello my friends

i need ur help in translating the following:
وقتي از جايش بلند شد ناپدید شود

ممنونم بر شما

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    جايگزینی substitution , replacement

    انگیزند this is not the correct form of a Persian word. Can you check it and correct it?

    اندازه size, measure (grammatically, it is noun )

    انداز normally it is بنداز (bendaz) although (andaz) is also correct in some cases. It is an imperative verb with different meanings depending on the context.
    throw, drop, fell and some others.

    وقتي از جايش بلند شد ناپدید شود
    there is also a small mistake in this sentence.
    وقتی از جایش بلند شد ناپدید شد
    It is preferred to say the second part of the sentence in advance. Although the other way around is also right.

    He disappeared ناپدید شد
    As he stood up وقتی از جایش بلند شد
    He disappeared as he stood up.




    He (or She) disappeard as he got up.

    it wrong to say " ممنون بر شما "

    The Correct Way to Say Thank You Is "ممنون or ممنونم ازتون

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