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how different between 그리고 , 과 and 하고 ? and how to use it?

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    그리고, 과/와, and 하고 means "and".

    와 and 과 are commonly used in writing.
    ex: 진과 V와 정국이 있습니다. = There are Jin, V, and Jungkook.

    하고 is the most general form of "and". But when speaking, it is more common to say (이)랑 especially when it's attached to people.
    ex: 저는 어머니하고 시내에 가요. = Me and mom go to the town.
    ex: 저는 어머니랑 시내에 가요. = I go to the town with mom.

    그리고 use in written form as the beginning word and not as the one in the middle of the sentence.
    ex: 저는 시내에 가요. 그리고 불고기를 먹어요. = I go to the town. And I eat bulgogi.
    example by me :)

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