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Difference between 동안 and -면서

Are the following the same?

먹으면서 and 먹는 동안

Thank you!

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    You can say both have the same meaning of "WHILE" but there is still a difference between the two of them in usage.

    - - - (-는 동안)- - -
    x Subjects are different in both clauses.

    a. 내가 음료수 사오는 동안 기름 좀 넣을래요? (Can you pump the gas while I buy some sodas?)
    b. 아이들이 자는 동안 산타가 선물을 주고 가요. (Santa came to give presents while the children slept.)

    - - - (-으)면서)- - -
    x Subjects must be the same in both clauses

    a. 저는 먹으면서 공부했어요. (I ate while studying.)
    b. 민지는 스타벅스에서 잡지 읽으면서 커피 마셨어요. (While reading a magazine in Starbucks, Minji drank coffee.)

    동안 during
    면서 while
    -_- it has the same meaning.... but 동안 can be used for telling 'how long'
    ex: 2시간동안 = 2 hours long

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