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What's the difference between "стирать" and "мыть"?


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    Стирать means to wash something made of cloth, fabric, such as shirts, towels, bedsheets etc.
    Стирать also means to rub out something, for example, to erase a word from a blackboard or to mop the sweat from one's brow.
    Мыть means to wash something with a lot of water.

    If you wash something made of cloth with a lot of water, then both words are good, but стирать is more natural.


    Стирать - много воды.
    Мыть - мало воды:-)
    Стирать only refers to the laundry in this sense = to do the laundry

    Мыть means to wash. It can be anything from your hands to your car, or your dishes, the same as in English basically.

    Also Стирать can mean to erase, but this is completely different, because when it's used in this sense it is conjugated differently.
    Он постирает - он сотрёт (future 3rd person singular)
    Они стёрли - они выстрирали (past 3rd person plural)
    Сотри с доски - постирай бельё (imperative singular)

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