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what's the difference between "бегать" and " бежать"

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    'Бегать' means 'to run regularly'
    'Бежать' means 'to run at the moment'

    Бежать марафон.
    Бежать от собаки.
    Бежать за автобусом. (now, at the moment)

    Бегать длинные дистанции. (about athletes on trainings. It means that they "бегают" this distance many times)
    Бегать по утрам. (Obviously every morning)


    бегать = usually is used with the plurals - many acts of running or a constant running. so it's a general infinitive about something happening in life in general. a guy who likes to run away from.. . to run by the mornings.. to start running by the mornings

    бежать = about a particular single process of running somewhere (be that a figurative or a literal one). бежать от страха = to run because of the fear of... to run away from a bear. he runs (бежит) so early because he has an interview.

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