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How do you say "how are you" in chinese?

can you give me the answer with pictograms and letters of the word? thw

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    The direct translation is "你好吗/你怎么样?" However, due to cultural differences, the Chinese rarely say 你好吗/你怎么样 (how are you?) when they meet someone for the first time. Instead, 你好,很高兴认识你 (Hello, nice to meet you) is already enough.

    If you meet an old friend, you may ask "最近怎么样"? (how are you lately/how have you been lately). If you leave out "最近" (lately), in which case you just say "how are you", it will sound weird.


    ni hao ma

    If you mean the word-for-word translation, it means "ni hao ma 你好吗". But you know, "How are you" is a kind of greeting, so "How are you" can be construed as "Hello", in China we say "ni hao 你好".


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