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    hello,here 物价 always using by make a general reference,like the whole city commodity price is too high to accpet,we always use 物价.well, the 价格 we always to point the less number,like a price of hamburger,a price of a dress.we can say this clothe is too expensive,price is so high,这件衣服价格太高了,太昂贵了.hope that could help u~thx

    物價 cost of living, cost, prices in a broad meaning
    價格 is specific prices of sth

    美國物價要比中國高 refer to all the prices in genrral

    but if u say
    美國的價格要比中國高 the meaning is diff
    the second sentences is refered to some specific objects or things that the two conversers were talking about.(phone, tv,clothes prices) in thier convrrsation.

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