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Can someone translate for me please? "잘살지 그럼 당연하지 보기 좋네"

Person A : 잘 살아?
Person B : 네, 난 잘 살아. 어떠세요? 잘 살아? (Is there something wrong in this sentence)
Person A : 잘살지 그럼 당연하지 보기 좋네 (Please translate this one for me!)

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    B : 네, 난 잘살아. 어떠세요? 잘살아?
    to be polite : 네, 전 잘 살아요. (잘지내요.) 어떠세요? 잘 살고 계세요? (잘 지내세요?)
    when you talk to your friends : 응, 잘 살아. (잘 지내.) 어때? 잘 살아? (잘 지내?)
    It is better to say 잘 지내요. 잘 지내세요?/잘지내. 잘 지내?

    A : 잘살지 그럼 당연하지 보기 좋네
    It means I am living well, of course! It is good to see(It is good to know)
    잘살지 means how are you? how have you been? also It can be answer as you wrote.
    보기 좋네 It is good to see but It means It is good to know, I am happy to see(know) that.

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