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Hi! What's the meaning of "Wapis", "isiliye", "dekho", "khaoge", "karoge","abhi","raat","bhi","paon"

"bola", "jana", "jao", "rehne","mani", "abhi", "raha", "bolti", "leta", "chahate", "kuch", "idher", "rukna", "baat", "hooyee", "kon", "rahi", "ka", "khane", "uski", "aye", "huye", "bana", "tha","kab", "khatam", "hoga".

I know it's quite a lot, and I am not sure about spelling, but if please somebody could translate for me it would be a big favour!
Thank you!

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    "Wapis", - again, return
    "isiliye", -thats why
    "dekho", - see
    "khaoge", - will eat. (used for male second person .e.g. you will eat.)
    "karoge", -will do.(used for male second person)
    "abhi", - now
    "raat", -night
    "bhi",- also, too
    "paon"- leg

    "bola", - said
    "jana", - to go
    "jao", - go
    "rehne", - verb rehna - to reside, to stay
    "mani", - if verb, it is feminine past tense of maanana (to believe)
    "bolti", -root verb - bolna -to speak.
    "leta", -root verb - lena -to take.
    "chahate", -root verb - chaahna -to want.
    "kuch", - some
    "idher", - here
    "rukna", -to stop
    "baat", -matter, talk etc. (look up a dictionary, means wide variety of things)
    "hooyee", -happened(feminine)
    "kon", 'kaun' -who
    "ka", - of
    "khane", -verb khaana -to eat
    "uski", -his/her/its
    "aye", - came
    "huye", happened(plural masculine)
    "bana", - past tense(m) of bananaa or banaanaa -to be formed or to make, .
    "tha", was
    "kab", - when
    "khatam", finish, complete
    "hoga"- will happen

    raha/rahe/rahi are used in continuous tense structure, other than normal verb usage (root verb - rehna )

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