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English vowels

I am practicing the different sounds of the english vowels. I have read that there are many vowels. It is very difficult to me since Spanish has only 5 vowels. Some are very similar to me for example I heard 4 kinds of a. they sound almost the same. 3 kinds of e, 2 kinds of i, 2 kinds of u, 2 kinds of o, a vowel which is a mix between a and e, another which is e + r. I studied some consonants through tongue twisters,and It helped me a lot. Do you know some tongue twisters for practicing the english vowels or a good method for pronouncing and differentiating between the different kind of vowels in english.Thank you in advance.

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    I hate to break it to you, but there are actually more vowel sounds than you listed, and you didn't even mention most of the vowel teams! Vowels in English are definitely tricky!

    I would recommend making sure that you are familiar with the phonograms in English. Here is a pdf that shows which letter combinations can make each sound. It is obviously designed for children, but it could be helpful for you as well. The vowel sounds are in red. Consonants in blue.

    This can help you find assonant combinations like Peachey suggested:

    As for tongue-twisters, look here:

    Maybe use Anki, and make a card list of your own with some words with each type of sound, then practice, practice, practice!


    Actually, look for rhymes to practise your vowels. I use this method in class to help students remember the proper pronunciation of words.

    If there's a word you keep mispronouncing, send me a message and I'll write a quick "assonant" sentence to help you.

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