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Need translation & explanation of 一个多月

Hi guys and gals, I wonder if you can help me with the sentence: 今天暑假我还在山海玩了一个多月呢!
Thanks a bunch :)

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    一个月: one month
    一个多月: more than one month.
    一个来月: less than one month

    I spent more than one month in SHANHAI this summer.

    i had toured at shanhai nearly two months in this summer vacations!
    ps:shanhai is a place name at shanxi,cn.
    thank u~

    I played more than 1 month in Shanhai on this summer vacation.
    Glad to help you^_^

    今天 暑假 我 还 在 山海 玩了 一个 多 月 呢!
    more than one month

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