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Can someone translate these phrases into Phonetic Arabic please.

I would appreciate if someone could assist me in translating these phrases into Phonetic Arabic:

1. I miss you a lot
2. I am from UK
3. Where are you from?
4. I have recently got a job.
5. I am feeling upset that you cannot live here anymore.

(I need these to talk to my Arabic friend, so I would be grateful if someone could help)

Thank you (Shokran)

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    1. Ashtaquto elaika /elaiki katheeran
    2. Ana min almamlaka almutahida
    3. Min Aina unt / unti
    4. Hasaltu ala wadheefatin mu'akharun.
    5. Ashuro bil'assa ith la taskuno / taskuni qareeba / qareebatan minni.

    I don't know if your friend is male or female, so I put this (male / female)

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