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Поради заради?

"Издребняват поради заради свръхуловите, антропогенното замърсяване и загуба на хабитати."

I thought at first that the expression "поради заради" must be a typographical error (since both words mean "because of") but Google found 312 other examples of the use of the phrase. In what way does "поради заради" differ in meaning from "поради" used alone or "заради" used alone?

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    I think that use of "поарди" and "заради" together is just an ignorance. May be the one who use them together, even doesn't know that they mean the same. In the "I am really truly sorry" there is some logic (I think) - person use really and truly because he wants to say how much he is sorry, i.e. person trying to express feeling, if I can say it this way. But in "поради заради" there is absolutely no logic, there is nothig to express or emphasize, jsut repeat one and the same word two times. It souds like: "Because of, by reason of this he went out." Anyway, it is wrong.

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