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Onomatopoeia in Italian? Examples please

Do you have as many words with this quality as an in english? What are some commonly used examples?

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    Animal sounds, for example:
    Miao (cat)
    Bau (dog)
    Chicchirichì (rooster)
    Coccodè (chicken)
    Pio Pio (chick)
    Cip Cip (bird)
    Cloppete cloppete (horses hooves)

    This is obviously just a portion of the umpteen onomatopoeia we have.
    If you want something more specific, just ask!

    I think 'chiacchierare' (to chat) is onomatopoeic

    Onomatopeiche are the words tha Have inside their sound the meaning of themself. There aren't the translations of the animal sounds (facepalm) but words like:
    Fruscìo, that really remember the sound of something like a sneak in the leafs

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