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What's the difference between "can" and "be able to"?

please give some examples and a list 1,2,3...

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    sometimes, you can only use ' be able to'.
    such as:
    1. Kids might not be able to discriminate between good and bad.
    [so when there is a 'might, maybe' in a sentence, it's better to use 'be able to' rathert han 'can']
    2. I'm sorry to inform you that our department will be unable to provide service this afternoon due to a power outage.
    [here is a 'will', you can't say: will can't... ]
    For certain reasons, I'll be unable to attend the meeting.
    You will be able to come, won't you?
    3.You need to be able to work as part of a team.
    [here is a 'need to']
    and so on...

    Nothing. They're the same.

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