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Hi....when a student is absent for many sessions and the teacher wants to tell her/him about the reason of being absent which one of the questions below is correct?

You were absent for several sessions.why?
You had been absent for several sessions.why?
You have been absent for several sessions.why?

I was wondering if you could help me to find out which tense is more appropriate in this case.

Thanks in advance!

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    Personally I would ask, "You were absent for several sessions. Why?" The times of the absences are known and therefore implied. Thus simple past tense is called for.


    The first and the third sentences are likely to be asked the first day the student comes to classes after missing several sessions. The second sentence would be asked many days after he started attending sessions again.
    In any case. The structure you offer "XXXXXX, why?" sounds very strict, or demanding, like if the teacher is not really interested in the reason why the student did come attend sessions, but he is asking to emphasize that there is nothing more important than attending lessons . The structure "why XXXXX" sounds more like the teacher is interesting in really knowing the reason. In that case "why did you miss the past sessions?" would be the most common way to ask.

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