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¿Qué significa “pasar de frenada”?

¿Qué significa “pasar de frenada”?

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    Pasarse de frenada" is an expression used in motor sports which actually means braking too late so that we risk getting out of the road.

    Exacto, y teniendo en cuenta ese significado, lo puedes usar como una metáfora para decir que alguien fue demasiado lejos con algo (una broma o lo que sea).

    "pasar de frenada/venir~ir de pasada" means that you/someone goes/went/will go to somewhere for doing something and it was just made for a moment, not during a long time.

    And that phrase implies that you/someone does/did/will do that just before doing something (and that's why that phrase is used when someone has to do other things planned beforehand and he/she does something else among those other things he planned to do) .

    It's always said in past tense, because it's used for giving an explanation or giving information about something that you/someone did.

    For example:

    Ayer fui a la estación de servicio a cargar nafta, pasé de frenada por la casa de mi hermana para saludarla, y finalmente me fui de vacaciones.

    I hope I'd helped you!

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