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What does this say?

حديثھم شيء : وحقيقتھم شيء ﺂخر ..

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    Their talk is a thing, and their truth is another thing.

    Hope someone have a better translation.

    ok , i'll begin with literally translation: "حديث" means "Talk" and "هم" is a pronounce refers to "they"
    ,so it means "Their Talk" . And then "حقيقة" means truth and with the added pronounce it becomes "Their truth".and the word "شئ" means a thing and "آخر " means another.

    Totally, if there were people who are saying things and these things are not the real them, it's convenient to tell this expression.

    Example in case you didn't understand:
    a person is talking about his virtues or the importance to gain it. But he 's actually a spoiled one.

    Hope that helped :)

    they say something and their truth is somthing else

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