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Pls explanation H.D.Thoreau's quote "It is not what you look at that matters, it's what you see'.

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    It means you were not judging on a scenario but on the happening of the scenario.

    Different people looking at same thing can see/feel different things.
    Or even you in different mood can see/feel different things looking at same item/person.

    For example:
    Its raining
    One can look and see mud, dirt, feel cold, windy
    Other can look and see rainbow in the sky, see bright colors of grass and leaves, feel fresh air with smell of rain

    or lets take some guy
    one can look at him and see just human, male, nobody for him
    other can see at him son, friend or love, someone special or enemy

    We all might look at the same thing, but each person might take away or "see" different things, for whatever reasons. Some people are more positive than others. Some people may tend to notice negative things. We probably cannot notice every aspect or detail. So Thoreau is saying that what we notice is the important thing.

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