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can anyone help me to correct this paragraph in korean?

i was writing this paragraph to introduce myself slightly. but i'm not sure if the grammar or the sentence is right. this paragraph is for people i don't know so do i use formal or informal?
안녕하세요! 저는 치안입니다. 날 기퍼(KIPO)라고 불러도 돼. 저는 데일리룩이 새로워요. 난 패션을 정말 좋아해요. 움... o.O 만나서반갑습니다 :3

thank you very much :3

Additional Details:

oh i forgot the paragraph in english is:
hello! my name is Chi An. you can call me kipo. i'm new in daily look. i love fashion. um.... nice to meet you.
so one more question. will i be able to make this paragraph sounds more friendly? :3

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    안녕하세요? 저는 치안인데 기퍼가로 불러 주세요. 저는 데일리룩에 처음이에요. 패션 마음에 들어요...만나서 반가워요! ^^

    I usually use 존댓말 (in informal polite => -요) especially when I am meeting new people. The usage of formal polite (-ㅂ니다/-ㅂ니까/-십시오) are used in newspapers, books, used in tv or radio broadcasts, and if you are giving a speech. So, just use -요 ending! It also shows a more approachable way of trying to get the interest of anyone. Also you should practice consistency in your paragraphs, when you use -ㅂ니다, then all the rest should be like that too, or if it's -요, then every sentence should end like that. Then when you use 반말, then you can eliminate -요. I also have to add, it is much safer to use 저 than 나. 나 is in 반말 speech, so you only use it to someone who is of lower status than you or to your close friends or family. That's why to be safe, if you want to use -요 as an ending, then use 저(는) and not 나(는). :)

    ㅎㅎㅎ ^^;; I made a typo! I didn't notice until after I submitted my answer. It should be 안녕하세요? 저는 치안인데 기퍼라고 불러 주세요. LOL~ since ㄱ and ㄹ are just above one another in the keyboards...I made that typo XD

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