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How to say I weigh _kg. 무게를 달다 means? difference between 무게 & 체중?

I know 무게를 달다 means ''to weigh''(which is the it's written in the dictionary)but how would I write/say the answer'' I weigh___kg''as in body weight. should I say....
__킬로그램 무게를 달아요 or 몸무게가 __킬로그램이에요.

-무게 means weight but what is 달다?

-무게 & 체중 means weight,is there a difference between them?

-몸무게가 얼마나 나가세요?Is this correct?

-also can 무게를 달다 be said to weigh items too? as in weighing 과일와 야채

thanks in advance

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    무게 is just a weight. but 체중 is 몸무게 which means the weight of a body. and 달다 is "measure" when it comes about weight thigns. so when u ask about someone's weight, u can say 몸무게가 몇이예요?.

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