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how do you say: do you have facebook? in chinese

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    Aber in China wird facebook verboten.
    Wir koennen die Website nicht oeffnen.
    Deshalb wissen manche leute facebook nicht.

    We translate it like this: 你有facebook吗?

    But most chinese don't have facebook, beacause the goverment of china has lots of limit with facebook, so we have QQ in china, People in the world also can use QQ of international to chat. and almost every young people and children have QQ. If you wanna make chinese friends or chat with us, maybe you can sign in QQ of international if you want. at last, I'm Ann who is learning English now, please point the fault out if I have fault with English. Tks.

    但是绝大多中国人没有facebook,因为中国政府在这方面有很多限制,中国人一般都有QQ, 全世界的人都可以用国际版的QQ来聊天,大多数中国年青人和孩子 都有QQ,如果你想交中国朋友或跟我们交流,你也可以注册一个QQ,当然如果你愿意的话。最后,我自我介绍一下,我叫Ann, 现在正在学英语,如果在英语上有什么错误的话,可以帮我改正过来好吗?谢谢!



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