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what is the difference between the word ghul and khalim

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    ghul = ْقُل < imperative form
    kalim = كَلِّم < imperative form
    قل = Tell. Example: قل الحقيقة ولا تقل الكذب = tell the truth and don't tell lies (fus-ha)
    كلم = talk to. Example: كلم المعلم = talk to the teacher (Slang)
    in Fus-ha we say تكلم مع = talk to. Example: تكلم مع الطبيب = talk to the doctor
    and in Fus-ha we say كلَمَ (ka-la-ma) as in past tense but in slang كَلِم (kalim) as in imperative.

    emmm I think you are talking in dialect right ?
    anyway I did understand you :) it's like English
    ghul "قال" = say
    kalim " تكلم" = talk ...speak
    I wish you understand ...good luck

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