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a question about the prepositional forms of nouns

my dictionary shows me that some nouns have two prepositional forms,
like cад----[саде and саду],
мост--[мосте and мосту]. is it right?

if it;s right, do these two kinds of declension have any difference?

thank you!!

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    It has different meaning. Let's say you are speaking about the bridge or about the garden, you use: "о мОсте", "о сАде". If you trying to say: "on the bridge" or "in garden", you use: "на мостУ", "в садУ".
    Note about stress that I marked.

    Скорее всего речь идёт о падежах

    Есть базовые слова Сад и Мост
    Далее - в зависимости от возможностей вашего переводчика - вам предлагают перевод уже в нужном падеже

    сад - (Nominative)
    сада - (Genitive)
    саду - (Dative)
    сад - (Accusative)
    садом - [Instrumental]
    саде - (Prepositional)


    I agreed with Anatolii.
    Looks like your dictionary shows you two different forms of the words.
    Give smth to who(alive)?/what(not alive things)?: "в саду"/"на мосту"(Dative)
    About who(alive)?/what(not alive things)?: "о саде"/"о мосте" (Prepositional)
    Where?: "на мосту" (Prepositional)


    So called "the second prepositional case" is used only with prepositions "на" or/and "в" when they mean location.
    В лесу, на носу. В пыли. В саду. На мосту.
    В пуху, в шерстИ, в мелу (dirtied in fluff, wool, choak)

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