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short e vs short i and short a vs short u

I have problems to distinguish between those group of sounds, short e in words like bet, set and short i sit, big, for me both short i and short e sound very similar.

I also have problems to distinguish between short a and short u, short a in sounds like: cat, at and short u in sounds like sun, under.

Do you know a good method for distinguishing these confusing sounds?

I have took some test listening some minimal pairs, But I feel sometimes I choose an answer without knowing which of these really is.

Thank you in advance.

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    Try this link, you can access the phonetics and listen to the sounds, an idea is when repeating words and sounds, always record your voice, this way you will have a better idea as to whether you're pronouncing the sounds correctly. You'll also find a few listening exercises here. Good luck! Clair

    Hmm, have you looked at this site before:

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