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Why do people write "am" instead of "I am"?


I've seen many times that people write "Am" instead of "I am". When I first saw that, I thought it was incorrect, but now I believe it is not.
For example, the other day, someone wrote a comment that said the following:

"but am pointing out things that are actually correct"

Why didn't he wrote "But I am pointing out...." ?

I hope you can give me an explanation about this :)
Thank you!

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    It's a way of making sure the same words aren't used multiple times in the same sentence. Don't use more words than you have to!

    "but" is linking to something before (even if it was a different sentence - a common error with "but"), so they have already used "I" and didn't want to repeat it again.

    For example:

    I'm not explaining it completely but (I) am covering the main points.

    He is not here but am,
    [NOT OK - because 'he' and 'I' are different]

    I like it but (I) am just thinking about whether to buy it or not.
    [OK - even though 'like' and 'am' are different]

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