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Which one is correct? Why?

A. However much United States voters may agree that
B.Even though United States voters may agree
________________________________________there is waste in government and that the government as a whole spends beyond its means, it is difficult to find broad support for a movement toward a minimal state.

Which one is correct? What's the difference between A and B?

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    A is correct. After the verb "agree" there are two noun clauses. The second noun clause ("...that the government...") begins with "that," so the the first noun clause must also have "that" to keep parallel structure.

    To my opinion, B is right. Because of the difference in meanings between "however much" and "even though".



    First, let me say that this is a very poorly worded sentence. It is complicated, overly wordy, and frankly, a conceptual mess.

    Secondly, Grishina A. may very well be correct. It is hard to tell Which---Is---Correct.
    It may be that both are. That is why we all hate highly technical, tricky questions like this when they appear in Language Tests etc.

    Third, as I look again, I see the use of THAT in Sentence A.

    Frankly, it is difficult for me to decide, because either sentence could work.

    For me, the issue is not which is correct or not. It is a matter of bad writing. I detest sentences constructed this way. So, that's all I can say for the moment. For myself, I do not compose sentences this way. I have learned to write and think clearly. Bad writing does not make for good English instruction.

    For one thing, written either way, the sentences are both exemplary of a common logical error designated the Fallacy of the Sweeping Generalization. It is common in colleges that they use lessons materials which encourage students to think, write, and speak this way.

    Vague generalizations such as "voters may agree" and so forth are just horrifically sloppy thought, absent all objective data.


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