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Why do we say the first example with (ال)and the second without (ال)?

1-هي تتسوق لشراء المجوهرات
2-هي تتسوق لشراء قميص(why not القميص)?

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    You can use ال in both sentences, and you can omit ال in both sentences too. They'll be correct. If it's a specific thing, you should use ال, if it's not, don't use ال.

    ال = The
    if this thing is known
    هي تتسوق لشراء المجوهرات/القميص
    if this thing is unknown
    هي تتسوق لشراء قميص/مجوهرات

    هي تتسوق لشراء المجوهرات
    i know which jewelry she will buy
    هي تتسوق لشراء مجوهرات
    i don't know which jewelry she will buy

    In a simple way :

    ال is just like THE in English .. without ال is just like A .

    For example :

    - I am going to buy A T-shirt .

    In this case it's an unkown T-shirt so on arabic it will be like this :

    - سوفَ أشتري قميص

    In the 2nd case

    - I am going to buy THE T-shirt .

    Now we can know which T-shirt we are going to buy , so in arabic :

    - سوفَ أشتري القميص

    Hope it helps :]

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