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I know that both can mean "funny" but hear 面白いmuch more than I hear おかしい
What are the differences between the two words, and when are the times that they should be used?

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    おもしろい means generally funny, amusing or something like that. On the other hand かのじょ は おかしい can be interrupted both funny and weird. It all depends on contexts. Say "crazy" in English for example. You use it sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. Anyways as you said, おかしい is used less frequently than おもしろい when pointing to something funny, and we use the word in a negative way far often.


    I think 面白い is funny, but おかしい means weird...ぜんぜん意味違うと思います。が、おかしいの漢字の書き方は可笑しい,字面的な意味はバカバカしいです。おかしい=変  変態はおかしいひと。

    面白い can mean funny ha-ha or interesting.
    おかしい can mean funny ha-ha or funny-peculiar .

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