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please help me to translate

1) اصحرا البيضا دي فين ؟ بعد واحة سيوة في الجنوب كده و قبل الفرافرة بشوية
I understand the question It is mean " Where is the White Desert ?" but I don't understand the anwer Maybe there are name of places Please help me to understand

2) و قمنا اساعة ٨ بالليل من قدام الشركة
What is meaning of word قمنا ?

3) الاتوبيس وصل الفجر مرسي مطروح
I don't understand Where did the bus arrive ?

4) عزمني في فندق فاتعشينا و رقصنا
He invited me to hotel and we ......and dans What does فاتعشينا mean ?

5) بتغلبي كل العيبة

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    1- after Siwa lake in the south and just before the Farafra depression
    2- قمنا = we woke up
    3- the bus arrived at Mersa Matruh at dawn
    4- then we had dinner
    5- you beat all the players

    Hope this helps


    سيوة and الفرافرة are two oases located in the western desert in Egypt.
    مرسى مطروح is a Mediterranean seaport, 240 km west of Alexandria.
    Siwah, Alfarafrah, Marsa Matrouh.

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