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What's present perfect in Turkish?

As in this example:
Have you seen this movie?

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    There is no perfect tense in Turkish.

    So, we use past simple (görülen geçmiş zaman/ di'li geçmiş zaman) to say "Have you seen this movie?" but we add some words to express the meaning of present perfect.

    Bu filmi izledin mi? (Did you see this movie?)

    Bu filmi daha önce/önceden izledin mi? (Have you seen this movie?) "daha önce" means previously/before.
    Bu filmi (daha önce) hiç izledin mi? (Have you ever seen this movie?) "hiç" means ever in this sentence.


    Other examples;

    I've cut my finger. - Parmağımı kestim. (Literally I cut my finger. If you really want to express you've cut your finger recently you can say "Biraz önce/Daha demin parmağımı kestim." Daha demin means "this very moment/just now")

    I haven't seen Tom this morning. - Bu sabah Tom'u hiç görmedim.

    What have you been doing lately? - Son zamanlarda neler yapıyorsun? (In this example we use present continuous.)

    Turkish doesn't have perfect tenses. Instead of the tenses you can add some exta word. Önceden, hiç....

    Have you seen this movie?
    bu filmi önceden izledin mi?

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