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What is the difference between 建设 and 建立?


I know that 建设 and 建立 both mean "to build" but I am unsure when to use these words.

For example, how would I say the following in Mandarin?

I want to build a house.

I want to build a strong marriage.

I want to build up my business.

Thanks for your help.

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    建设 is similar to "develop" (to make something better), such as 建设国家 developing the country, 建设法制 developing the legal system, 建设城市 develop the city, even 建设高楼大厦 build(develop) skyscrapers.

    建立 is similar to "found, create", such as 建立国家 found a country, 建立法制 founded the legal system, 建立公司 found a company.

    建设 is for something you can see and touch, like a house, a bridge etc. 建立 is for something unreal, like a system, a law etc. So, according to my theory, the answer is 建设 for the first sentence and 建立 for the other two.

    建立=创建=创立(more often used as a verb) In the word "建立”,it emphasize "立“,which means to found /to create
    建设 (used as a verb or noun) means to develop/ to improve /development
    If you want to say "to build", you can simply say "建”。To be more accurate, 建造=to build

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