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Is it toilet or Restroom? A place for washing hands, etc

...and pls give me the examples


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    In the United States:

    1. We usually refer to the "bathroom" in a house.

    2. We usually refer to the "restroom" in, for example, an office building.

    3. The toilet refers to the large bowl that you find in a bathroom or restroom. (I think that in some other English-speaking countries, the word "toilet" could also refer to the room in which you find that large bowl.)

    (Sometimes, people do not feel comfortable in asking, "Where is the restroom?" So they might ask, "Where can I wash my hands?")

    As Bruce mentioned, In America it is usually Restroom, or Bathroom, or Mens/Ladies/Womens Room. Some fancier places may use Lavatory, or Powder Room. Either way the symbol is usally a stick figure of a man and woman standing side by side.

    However in European countries they are usually called Water Closet. So if traveling in English speaking European countries look for signs that are capital letters "WC"


    Does depend where you are:

    In UK/Australia you can say Toilet, Bathroom, WC, Gents, Ladies, 'Loo (though that's more common in the UK and considered a bit more posh), lavatory, washroom...

    In Australian slang its called a dunny

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