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how to pronounce

what if you are not talk clearly or you are not know how to pronounce letter r.........

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    It depends where the R is. In Britain and Australia, R is only pronounced before a vowel. This is perfectly acceptable.

    For example, no R is pronounced in words like 'further', 'war', 'water', 'concern', 'shard', 'door' etc., except for the Rs at the end when the next word starts with a vowel (ex. "The wateR is..."). Whenever an unpronounced R is in a word, the previous vowel is extra long. Americans always say R. If you choose not to say these Rs, people will still be able to understand you.

    You still have to say R in words like 'roof', 'rock' etc.

    By the way, your profile says you're from the Philippines. Every person with a Filipino accent that I've heard pronounces a very strong American R. A lot of the time I thought they were from California!


    In English, R is one of those letters you simply have to sit down and learn. It's one of the biggest giveaways to a native speaker's place of origin. (Unfortunately, if you don't know how to pronounce it, or if you think the R in your own language is OK to use, then you do have a pronunciation problem.)

    Just find a native speaker and ask him/her to show you how s/he does it, or look online for pronunciation videos. :)

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