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Distinction between "suave"and"elegant"

I would like to have some examples where only one word but not the other can be fit.
Thank you.

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    Suave tends to have a negative connotation.

    The man acts very suave around the girl's parents, but when he is with his friends he curses and gets in fights.

    The fancy meal was served on very elegant plates with real gold on the edges.


    Hmmm... tricky.

    Suave you usually use to describe a person, almost always a man. It implies smoothness, sophistication and probably is more a description of his manner than anything else.

    Elegant you can use for both sexes and for things as well. There isn't that implication of worldly sophistication. It can be quite general as people can refer to an elegant way of dressing, elegant manner, speech. Elegant architecture etc.

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