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What does 라,바 mean with this word ?

I watch Korean drama and I always Heard them saying ' 가라 or 가바 ' with many words so what does that mean?

Can someone help me pls?


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    가라 is simply 가 (go) + an IMPERATIVE ending from 2nd level of speech (해라제), it does not change the meaning of 가 in any way. 2nd level is formal but also a bit rude so you would use it only with your close friend or when speaking to younger people.

    "가바" - you must mean 가봐. Also it's simply 가 + verb 보다. In this case 보다 is used as something (in english) corresponding to "to try" or "to see how it will go".
    I can't really remember how this type of usage of verb 보다 is called.
    Maybe someone else will be able to further explain this case.

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