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Can someone translate this romanization into Hangul for me please!

So, I have recently bought a book to help guide me through learning the basics of Korean. Only problem is it does not give me the Hangul of these words. I'd hate to mess them, so can someone please correct these into Hangul for me--just so I know I'm right. 감사합니다!!!!

It's nice to meet you for the first time: cheoeumboepgetseumnida
Is everything okay: geudongan byeoril reopseoseoyo
It's alright: gwaenchangayo
Good, I agree: Joayo

Let me introduce my friend....: je chingureul sogaehalkkeyo....

Thank you again! <3

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    cheoeumboepgetseumnida: 처음뵙겠습니다
    geudongan byeoril reopseoseoyo: 그동안 별일 없었어요?
    gwaenchangayo: 괜찮아요
    Joayo: 좋아요
    je chingureul sogaehalkkeyo: 제 친구를 소개할게요

    I'd recommend getting some material with Hangul ^^ A book which doesn't include 한글 will not be for a serious learner.


    You could use the following link to convert romanization to hanguel but its conversion is not always very accurate. If you are serious about learning Korean you should definitely learn hangeul. I would no buy any book that does not include hangeul. Romanization should only be used in the first chapters to help you at the beginning. Although in my opinion its better to learn first to write hangeul before beginning to start learning Korean.

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