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الدموع هي مكلفة جدا. لا تبذروا is it corret my translation? hehe

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    Haha, that's a good one
    الدموع مكلفة جدا فلا تبذروا
    I prefer if you used تسرفوا instead of تبذروا
    الدموع مكلفة جدا فلا تسرفوا

    Please Note the following:

    1) تسرفوا وتبذروا is very similar but تسرفوا sounds more that you exceeded the limit but تبذير sounds more negative as if that's a very bad thing to do. Though both are negative.

    2) مكلفة means costly
    غالية means precious

    I don't know which one you want to say.

    3) No need for هى directly say الدموع مكلفة
    4) try to connect the two sentences with ف meaning so فلا تبذروا


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