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What does 才五分熟还不是不是这时候 mean?

Also 才五分熟爱不会不会太可口?

It's from song lyrics from a funny song. All I can translate "五分熟" to is "medium rare" but that doesn't make much sense to me, so I'm guessing it's idiomatic. I've asked native speakers and they claim not to know, so I'm crowd sourcing it.

I'm assuming that the lyrics above are transcribed accurately. I've seen at least one error in the rest of the song's lyrics :o

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    so terrible, i searched this song.

    才五分熟, 还不是不是这时候

    五分熟 means "half rare" i am not sure whether this make sense in english.
    in that song , it means it is not the right moment becuase it is not ready , not finish some necessary procedures.

    because there is a sentence in lyric is 你像爱情食肉兽熟不熟也入口
    it assumes that cooked meat is the only meat can be ate, so 五分熟 means half cooked
    you can understand by this way.

    by the way , the song is amused , but the lyric is stupid.
    it is for young girls who are below high school.

    if you are interesting with learning chinese by lyric , i recommond you a song that one of my foregin friend ask me to translate it , i am not sure how to translate it properly
    the song;s name is 霍元甲 by 周杰伦
    you can search MV , you will like it.


    It's not idiomatic .五分熟 is medium , half cooked . But here it is just a figurative use. Compare the love to medium rare, the love isn't very deep, They cannot enjoy it now.
    Chinese is a sensitive language , sometimes you need to understand by insight

    Each Chinese character in its original form was actually a simplified picture. So Chinese people love creating pictures and images by using metaphors and similes to explain an abstract idea.
    But many Chinese popular songs are badly written, you don't have to take the lyrics seriously. If you are interested in Chinese, you should choose some classic writings.

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