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Please can you explain 既 in this sentence please,


I know what the sentence says, but I don't quite understand how 既 is working here. Is 既....还 a set pattern? Is it the same as 既...又?

因此 ,犹太人问他说 ,你既作这些事 ,还显什么神迹给我们看呢 ?

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    “既...还...” (or 既然...还..)句子是因果关系 cause and effect,it is same as 既...就...,“既...又...” 是递进关系increase by degrees.
    This sentence-- 你既做这些事,还显什么神迹给我们看呢? the later part of the sentence is a rhetorical question,means 你既做这些事,就不要显什么神迹给我们看了。 or 因为你做了这些事,所以不要显示什么神迹给我们看了。You do these things, so don't show miracle to us.

    既... 又... 他是个好男孩,既有思想,又有品德。 He is a good boy, he has intelligence,what's more, he has a good character.

    既(然)...还...?: 【a rhetorical question] As you have done sth., it's obvious that there's no need to ...
    既...又...: (here 既=又) well as...

    Is 既....还 a set pattern? yes ,you are right.I think your Chinese is very good.
    not same as 既...又,
    same as 既...还.
    意思是:你既(然已经/或要做)作这些事 ,还显什么神迹给我们看呢(还显神迹给我们看做什么呢?) ?



    In that sentence, 既 means 既然 (= since), so 既....还 is NOT a set pattern. It has a completely different meaning from the set pattern "既...又".

    We rarely use 既 to mean "既然". So actually "你既作这些事 ,还显什么神迹给我们看呢 ?" doesn't sound very natural to me.

    但是你的句子“因此 ,犹太人问他说 ,你既作这些事 ,还显什么神迹给我们看呢 ?”不是很地道。。应该用“既然”

    the phrase seems as taken from the Bible translation to me
    please remember one important thing about Chinese language:
    "trying to get the meaning of a Chinese phrase -- make sure it's a _correct_ Chinese phrase"
    因此 , 犹太人 问 他 说 ,你 既 作 这 些 事 ,还 显 什么 神迹 给 我们 看
    呢 ? = Thus, the Jew asked him, as you have already done this, what else / other miracle do you want us to see / to show to us.
    既 means "already", makes it "have done" instead of "did"

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