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How to translate 'delete' to German.


I am having doubts since there are a few options. It is about removing something from a list of items. The list is data in a software packet. I was think of 'entfernen' or 'löschen'. Which is the best?

By the way, @italki: "Please do not ask questions that are unrelated to language learning. Miscategorized and inappropriate questions may be removed." LOL!! Yeah, unrelated questions irritated me too, it's the first time I've read that message, it that new.? I really çan't ask advice about my girlfriend having sex with the neighbours then? What a bogger. ;-)

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    Normally "eine Datei löschen"
    but "aus der Liste entfernen"
    However you can also say "aus der Liste löschen"

    Referring to data I have always read "löschen" .

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