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is it correct to say 'Ana der akul rus wa ful'='I want to eat rice and beans


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    أنا لا أفهم كيف تكتب لغة بحروف لغة أخرى؟

    Well ! first of all it is very recommended to learn Arabic with its own letters..even if you are learning dialects.
    yes yr sentence is correct but I think you mean (ureed أريد) not (der)
    أنا اريد آكل رز وفول
    ruz, foool.
    in MSA we usually put (أن) to form the infinitive [to eat أن آكل]
    but in Ammyah we omitt that (أن).
    Keep practice ~~ usingArabic letters.


    داير باللهجة السودانية تعني : أريد
    dáyr in Sudanese dialect means : to want (actually it is a participle).
    rice : rúzz.
    Ana dáyr akul rúzz wa ful.

    it means : أنا اريد ان اكل الارز وفو
    and yes its correct

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