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Dear American friends,

I have a question about a joke in a news video from PBS network.
I am talking about the very first part of the video.

1. Why were they laughing when Jeffrey said, “I have some pretzels for you.”?
2. Why did Mark say, “because David is rich.”?

Concerning the second question, I think this might refer to this article.

That would be great if you could share your opinion with me.

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    I'm not a native speaker but here's my take.

    The second one is a bit easier.
    Mark explained: I stop because I have been a pedestrian enough so I could relate and that's why I stop. And David is rich. He's successful and rich and that means he can't relate to them the way I do. That's why the word "because"

    Regarding the first one, obviously we would associate it with the situation when teachers hand kids candies when kids did a good behavior or the teacher is using candy to motivate kids to do a certain good behavior. So is the host implying: Hi, David, if you answer correctly/well, I will give you candy. It sounds a bit stretchy though.

    What do you think?

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