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Do you know any good website or service for grammar checking?

I want a web site to recheck my notes and give me advices for the best way of implementing words and verbs in expressing different situation.

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    Hi Shahin,

    You mean you want softwares to help you check or real people?
    If real people, I don't think there are free sites like this out there.
    Although on language learning sites, people sometimes help each other grade/check their writing to help improve their foreign language. You can do that here on italki. Livemocha has a slightly more prominent version of it.

    If you are talking about software checking grammar, usage.
    As far as I know, Microsoft still holds the most advanced technology on that.
    And that's the technology you see in office suite grammar check feature.

    There are a few startup/alternatives to offices. Some claim big. All of them charge. I didn't try them personally. I'm not convinced they can do a superior job than office. Microsoft would have bought them if that's the case.

    Do you want it? I could do a bit check and give you the name of those startup/alternatives.

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